• Project Mystery


    Project Mystery promotes awareness of the importance of embracing the unsayable, unsolvable, and unknowable mystery.


    Project Mystery presents perspectives on spirituality that encourages conversations on how to embrace mystery.


    Project Mystery realizes humanity's need for a contemporary spirituality that is humble, honest, and wise.




    Project Mystery Insights


    I. Science points to mystery.


    Science recognizes the ultimate mystery when it asks:

    Why is there something instead of nothing?


    “Science cannot answer the deepest question. As soon as you ask why there is

    something instead of nothing, you have gone beyond science.”

      Allan Sandage, father of modern astronomy


    "Why is there something rather than nothing is the question that we

    will be stuck with when we have a final theory (of everything)...

    We will be left facing the irreducible mystery."

      Stephen Weinberg, Nobel physicist


    “The clear light of science, we are often told, has abolished mystery, leaving only logic and reason. This is quite untrue. Science has removed the obscuring veil of mystery from many phenomena…but it confronts us with a basic and universal mystery –

    the mystery of existence...we must learn to accept it and to accept its and

    our existence as the one basic mystery.”

      Julian Huxley, evolutionary biologist


    "Science has limitations. Science will never be able to explain why the universe is as it is. Science will never be able to explain what is right and what is wrong."

    Alan Lightman, MIT physics professor and author of

    Einstein’s Dream and A Sense of the Mysterious


    “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.”

      Albert Einstein, Nobel physicist


    II. Religion points to mystery.


    The ancient Chinese classic text, the Daodejing, begins by discussing the "dao,"

    the absolute principle that underlies the universe and accounts for its changes.

    Yet, it also says that the dao that can be known, named,

    or conceived is not the true dao.


    The Zohar from the Jewish Kabbalah says that there is the “nameless” or “endless” (ein sof) that surpasses all ideas of God. So great is the mystery of ein sof 

    that we can only know that we cannot know it.


    The Buddha taught that nirvana, the ultimate truth, is a wordless mystery

    that cannot be grasped by concepts or captured in words.


    According to Hindu philosophers, Brahman, the absolute reality, “has no qualities.” Brahman is a mystery that transcends all conceptions of god.


    The Qur’an says that the highest reality is

    “above all comprehension” and the greatest mistake humans can make is to

    associate this reality with anything we can create or imagine.


    The Christian tradition intimates ultimate mystery with the concept of

    the Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, an idea that theologians claim

    transcends human understanding.


    Denys, a seminal Christian theologian, also emphasized the idea of mystery beyond

    all human concepts of God. Between 500 to 600 CE, Denys wrote that the

    Absolute "is neither soul nor intellect......nor can He be expressed or conceived,

    since He is neither number nor order; nor greatness nor smallness; nor equality

    nor inequality; nor similarity nor dissimilarity..... neither has He power nor is power, nor is light; neither does He live nor is He life; neither is He essence, nor eternity nor time; nor is He subject to intelligible contact; nor is He science nor truth.....

    nor wisdom; neither one nor oneness, nor godhead nor goodness; nor is He spirit according to our understanding, nor anything else known to us or to any other beings of the things that are or the things that are not; neither does anything that is know Him as He is; nor does He know existing things according to existing knowledge; neither can the reason attain to Him, nor name Him, nor know Him; neither is He darkness nor light, nor the false nor the true; nor can any affirmation or negation be applied to Him, for although we may affirm or deny the things below Him, we can neither affirm nor deny Him, inasmuch as .....He transcends all affirmation, and the simple pre-eminence of His absolute nature is outside of every negation —

    free from every limitation and beyond them all."


    III. Embracing Mystery Deepens Spirituality


    The mystery of why there is something instead of nothing and

    the mystery beyond concepts of gods, goddesses, or God

    are the same – the Ultimate Mystery that

    is unsayable, unsolvable and unknowable!


    Embracing Ultimate Mystery goes beyond the need to imagine a supreme "being". Rather, embracing Ultimate Mystery envisions that which is beyond the limits of all possible experience, knowledge, and comprehension. Embracing Ultimate Mystery represents a spirituality that is founded on humility and honesty.

  • The Biggest Why 


    The Biggest Why introduces 9 to 12 year old children to the

    mystery of why there is something instead of nothing and the

    mystery beyond human concepts of gods, goddesses and God.

    The book lets youngsters know that the mystery beyond science

    and the mystery beyond religion are indeed the same mystery

    - the ultimate mystery. The Biggest Why suggests that accepting

    ultimate Mystery is being honest and wise.


    Tom Robbins, one of the top 100 novelists of the 20th century, wrote,

    "The Biggest Why could be the most important children's book of our age –

    for that matter, legion is the number of adults who could benefit

    immensely from reading it with a mind slightly ajar".


    The Biggest Why is in print as of August 2018. 

    Please contact Project Mystery if you would like to purchase a copy.

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